April 2015

Well the Webmaster is back. After a prolonged period of medical treatment I am now back on deck and looking to get the page back up to date. This may take a while as I need to reconnect with the A52-600 project and other projects underway with the Association.


May 2014

Vale Alan Middleton OAM  - 3 Dec 1924—11 May 2014.



After a short illness, our Immediate Past President Alan Middleton died on Sunday 11th May. His son Tony Middleton advised us yesterday that: “He lived at home as long as was possible and went downhill very quickly over the past two weeks. He went out under his own terms and I suspect I will soon find a list of errands I am supposed to do for him this week! Shirley is comfortable in a new Aged Care facility (Arcare Caulfield) in Kooyong Rd just near where they lived so it will be easy for old friends to visit.”


A private funeral will be conducted later this week, and a Memorial Service is being arranged at Melbourne High School on Monday 26th May at 1530hrs.


I’m sure you will all share our sadness at Alan’s passing, and join us in offering our sincere condolences to Alan’s family and friends. He was one of the last of our links with the original band who designed, built, serviced, supported and flew those wonderful Mosquito aircraft. His support for the aims of the Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia and in particular the restoration of former RAAF Mosquito PR Mk XVI aircraft A52-600 will remain an important part of his legacy.


President and Committee, Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia

Terry Burke


July 2013

Website updates  - due to  ill health of the your Webmaster you may have noticed that updates have been rather infrequent for the past three years.  Unfortunately, this is most likely to continue for up to another year as I undergo more treatment.

October 2012

KA114 flys!

A swarm of MAAA members including most of the Committee swarmed at Ardmore aerodrome just outside Auckland on 29th  September 2012 to witness the first public display of FB26 KA114. We and the estimated 15000 locals were not disappointed. The Mossie was flown three times  giving excellent views of the aircraft in both banked and wings level passes both fast and slow. Reports that the pilots Dave Phillips and Keith Skilling used no more than cruise power and still hit 300 knots on the passes!

Displays included passes with a Vampire and also a four ship formation of Mossie leading Spitfire, Mustang and a P40 coming up the rear.

KA114 Ardmore NZ 29th Sept 2012, De Havilland, Mosquito, DH98


See the Flying  Mossies Page for  more pics. More will be added in the coming weeks.


September 2012

Apologies for not making any updates for a while as I have had a few medical problems. I have been thinking about some more content which will hopefully appear in the coming months.

With the imminent completion and first flight of KA114 at Ardmore Airfield outside Auckland NZ. The committee and a few other members are making the hop to NZ to hopefully see the planned first flight of this aircraft due on 29th or 30th September. Standby for a major update in the coming weeks.

News is the first run of both engines and taxy was undertaken today (22 Sept 2012).

Follow this link to see a short clip (1:29) of the engine run.

A big event is planned around this historic flight which will mean there will be a Mosquito flying again after a lengthy gap since RR299 crashed at Barton UK in 1996.


August 2011

The Annual General Meeting  of the Association was held on 14th August 2011. This year a few changes to the Committee have occurred. The  new Committee is:

President                                                    Terry Burke

Vice President                                           Graeme Coates

Secretary/Treasurer                                 Bob Stevens


                                                                    Allan Middleton (Immediate Past President)

                                                                    Don Taylor (Webmaster)

                                                                    David Devenish (Archivist)


June 2010

· We are currently working on final preparations of the nacelle-mounted oil tanks. After trial assembly in the L.H. Main Landing Gear frame, Bob Stevens has taken responsibility to have the original placarded notes painted on the L.H. and R.H. tanks

· The landing gear door opening assemblies (or “spaghetti junction”) are currently receiving some attention: one set is in the paint stripper, the other being re-welded and set up correctly as a pair.

· Two steel sections of the firewalls have been stripped and de-rusted in the molasses bath.

· Restoration Projects Manager Brett (B2 or Red) Redway has the bomb bay doors and ventral panels (which fill in the gap between the lower surface of the wing and upper edge of the bomb bay doors) bench mounted and is continuing their rework.

· B2 is also continuing work on two fuselage frames which will eventually be re-installed, as part of the fuselage rebirth.

· Two sets of yokes to mount the main wheel stub axles are complete and are away for plating.


April 2010

Classic Fighters Airshow 2011 in New Zealand has announced that Jerry Yagens Mosquito FB26 will be a feature at the 2011 airshow set for April 22 to 24 2011.

For details visit the website

Note: The Mosquito did not make it to the Classic Fighters Airshow.

December 2009

At the last AGM the Association honored three long serving members with Life Memberships of the Association.


August 2009

The MAAA Annual General Meeting will be held at:

                 Caulfield RSL 2 St Georges Road Elsternwick Vic.

                 Saturday 29th August 2009

                 Time 14:30 hrs or 2:30PM


Changes to the website.

A new page has been added showing a complete list of all Mosquito aircraft operated by the RAAF in Australia. If anyone can add any more details about markings carried by the aircraft please let us know.


Dec 2008

Flypast Magazine has reported that Mosquito B35 CF-HML is to be restored to flying status by Victoria Air Maintenance in British Columbia Canada. It is hoped the work will be completed by March 2010.

6th July 2008

Association Vice President Terry Burke examines the new aircraft exhibit that arrived abruptly at the RAAF Museum recently.

New exhbit at the RAAF Museum.


15th June 2008

A small group continued working on the hydraulic rams for the main undercarriage. Trial fitting one ram to the undercarriage stand.

20th April 2008

Work continued on assembling the wing fuel tank bay door attachments and setting up our colour plotter so we print out large colour prints of drawings.

16th March 2008

The crew was active for a while anyway, stripping and preparing for painting fuel tank straps and angles used to secure the fuel tank covers to the underside of the wing. This work continued until mid afternoon when the temperature became too hot. Metal items were warm to touch so we quit early to watch the Australian Grand Prix.

24th Feb 2008

The crew and members of the Friends of the RAAF Museum manned the Restoration Hangar answering many questions about the aircraft and the project. Perhaps the  most common questions were :-

· Will it fly? -No, it will not fly its too valuable being the only PR XVI remaining and also having a wartime service record (21 Missions).

· When will it be finished? - in a few years and some months, TBA, when its finished.

The crew even got the chance to see some of the action.


3rd Feb 2008  Assembly of Undercarriage legs

The restoration crew completed the assembly of two main undercarriage legs. This comprised the assembly of the rubber blocks into the compression struts and assembly onto the undercarriage stand.