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Mosquito Survivors

This section will ultimately provide details of all the substantially complete Mosquitoes currently in existence.


Wikipedia also has a List of surviving de Havilland Mosquitos.




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RAAF Museum


A52-600.—PRXVI—Under restoration


de Havilland Heritage Centre

The home of three Mosquitoes.

W4050 - Prototype—On display.


TA122—FB VI—On display.


TA634—TT35—On display.


Australian War Memorial


A52-319 PR41– On Display.


The Norwegian Aviation Museum


TIII TW117— On Display.


The Yorkshire Air Museum


HJ711—FII — On Display.


Royal Air Force Museum


TJ138—B35 — On Display Hendon.


The only surviving B35 to see squadron service. Serving with 98 Squadron RAF in West Germany between 1950-51.


TA639—B(TT)35 — On Display Cosford.


Built at Hatfield and served  with CFS, 3 CAACU with the Target Tug Flight. Appeared in the 633 Squadron film.


National Museum of the USAF


RS709 B35 - On display


This aircraft has been modified to near PRXVI standard. The giveaway is the slots on the side of the carburetor intakes. PRXVI’s did not have these. They were only fitted to Mosquito a/c with Merlin 113/114 series (B35, PR34, TT35, TT39) or Packard Merlin 69’s(PR41).


Imperial War Museum Duxford


TA719—B(TT)35—On Display.


South African National Museum of Military History


LR480—PRIX—On Display.


This Mosquito saw active service with 60 Squadron SAAF based in Italy.


Canada Aviation and Space Museum


KB336—BXX—On Display


Alberta Aviation Museum


VP189—B35—On Display modified to represent a FBXI.


Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History -Belgium


MB24 —NF30—On Display?


Formerly RK952


Military Aviation Museum


KA114—FB26—Flying. Owned by Jerry Yagen of Norfolk Virginia USA.


Mosquito Aircraft Restoration


NZ2308—T43—Under restoration to fly.


This aircraft is owned by Glynn Powell in Auckland New Zealand.

Glynn has built new fuselage moulds for constructing new fuselages and jigs for constructing new wings. A magnificent effort over 18 years.


This site contains many pics of construction of the molds, fuselage and wings for KA114 and Glynns own aircraft.


EEA Museum Oshkosh


RS712—TT35—On display.


On loan from Kermit Weekes.


Calgary Mosquito Society


RS700 –CF-HMS-B35


In storage pending restoration.


This aircraft is currently owned by the City of Calgary. The Calgary Mosquito Society is working to have the aircraft restored and displayed in Calgary.



Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd


B35 CF-HML/VR796 Owned by Bob Jens restored to flying condition at Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd in Vancouver Canada.


Camden Aviation Museum


HR621—FBVI—In storage. Operated by 618 Squadron RAF at Narromine  Australia.


Museum of Transport and Technology


A52-1053  - T43—On display.