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464 Squadron RAAF

No 464 Squadron formed in England for service with the RAF in August 1942 initially equipped with Venturas and based at Feltwell in Norfolk as part of 140 Wing  2 Group. 140 Wing consisted of 464 Squadron, 487 NZ Squadron and 21 Squadron RAF. The Wing that would complete many significant missions during the remaining years of the war.

Their first operation on 6th Dec 1942 was against the Philips factory at Eindhoven in a mixed force of Venturas (464, 487 NZ and 21 RAF), Bostons and Mosquitoes.

464 Squadron re-equipped with Mosquito FB VI. The first Mosquito mission was flown on 3rd October 1943 the target being a power station at Mur-de-Bretagne.

The squadron continued flying daylight raids and later on night intruder missions till the end of hostilities.

Some of the significant missions flown were the series of raids against Gestapo targets:

Amiens Raid              —18th February 1944

Aarhus Raid              —31st October 1944

Shellhaus Raid         —21st March 1945.

These raids are described in detail in the Squadron Unit History

“The Gestapo Hunters: 464 Squadron RAAF 1942-1945”

by Mark Lax and Leon Kane Maguire

First Published by Banner Books.

ISBN 1 875593 19 5


456 Squadron RAAF

As Australia's only Night Fighter Squadron in WW2 it was formed in 1941 at Anglesey in Wales and served in the U.K. until wars end.

The Squadron destroyed over 40 enemy aircraft, as well as many trains and V1 flying bombs.

Motto—”Watching over you at night”

Unit Badge approved 2006.



Australia Based Squadrons/Units



1 Squadron RAAF

Currently operates General Dynamics F111C aircraft in the strike and reconnaissance roles from RAAF Amberley Queensland.

Motto: Videmus Agamus—


87(PR) Squadron RAAF

Formed from No 1 Photographic Unit on 10th September 1944 at Coomalie Creek Northern Territory.

The squadron operated over the islands north of Australia until withdrawn to Parkes New South Wales in October 1945.

The Squadron was disbanded on 24 July 1946 with many of the aircraft and crews moving to the Survey Flight based at Fairbairn Australian Capital Territory.

87 (Survey) Squadron was reactivated on 8th March 1948 operating PR 41 aircraft. The squadron undertook several large scale aerial survey operations to map large portions of Australia, Fiji and New Guinea.

In 1949 the Squadron was renamed to 87 (PR) Squadron and continued to operate until disbanded again in December 1953.

87 Squadron was reactivated in 2005 to operate as an Air Intelligence Squadron based at Edinburgh South Australia with Flights attached to most RAAF bases.

Motto: Videmus Militamus—We see and we fight


94  Squadron RAAF

Under Construction


5 Operational Training Unit RAAF

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UK Based Squadrons

Mosquito Squadrons of the RAAF