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A52-600 Restoration


By Ron Gillis

Text Box: The Xmas break has been and gone, now back to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Mossie restoration!

Work has continued over the Christmas break on the Mossie fuselage upper surface by the Wednesday team.  The structural skin strengthening adjacent to the LHS Wing Fixing Bearer has been reinstalled.  There are more layers yet to be installed to the same area.  

The cockpit rear pressure bulkhead is currently being rebuilt before reinstalling into the fuselage.

Restoration of the pilot’s seat has stalled and is awaiting input from the Technical Curator about who will do the restoration.
Work finding, cataloguing and assessing restoration of the main undercarriage assembly bolts was finalised prior to Christmas with the results handed to Dave Jones, Technical Curator.  Missing bolts will be manufactured and then we will be tasked in the future to assemble the 2nd undercarriage.

The weekend MAAA members have had their Xmas break and work is about to re-commence on the tail wheel assembly, the RHS and LHS U/C door closing frames, repairs to the top radio antenna mast, cataloguing the contents of the Mosquito storage racking and clean up / reconfiguring of our major computer parts data inventory.

Most of the building works around the Museum Hangars have now been finished and things are returning to normal.

 “Safe Working” for the start of 2017, including work at Avalon Airshow and thanks for your continued effort.