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A52-600 Restoration


By Ron Gillis

Text Box: Work is continuing on the Mossie fuselage upper surface by the Wednesday team with progress advanced to the upper area straddling bulkhead 3 and the cockpit rear pressure bulkhead, including the dinghy access hatch area.  The structural components of the LHS Wing Fixing Bearer are currently being refurbished ready to be reinstalled.  The RHS Wing Fixing Bearer will be a repeat of the LHS process. The cockpit rear pressure bulkhead has been carefully removed, de-constructed, old glue removed and is about to be rebuilt before reinstalling into the fuselage.  Our weekend team has been involved with searching for fuselage drawings or components to progress the restoration of the complete tail wheel assembly.

Restoration of the pilot’s seat continues, recently acquired with parts from the ex ‘High Ball’ aircraft by the RAAF Museum.  It has had initial bead blasting to remove surface rust and corrosion and awaiting further restoration.

Work continues by the weekend MAAA members on the tail wheel assembly using some of the parts from the ex ‘High Ball’ aircraft recently acquired by the RAAF Museum.  This includes the tail plane support structure, with first emphasis on locating all the components and assessing their condition and constructing a working support frame to hold all the tail wheel components as they are assembled.  It is envisaged this assembly may become an exhibit. 

Work has continued finding, cataloguing and assessing restoration of the main undercarriage assembly bolts.

Final repair work on the RHS and LHS U/C door closing frames will be done by the weekend MAAA members using body filler material on the damaged / corroded areas of tubing. This will be shaped, smoothed and then painted.

Cataloguing the contents of the Mosquito storage racking in the restoration hangar has recommenced as team member Pat has retired from full time work and is happy to work one day mid-week on just this.  Recently, Noel a volunteer who had previously worked on the Mossie Radio and navigation equipment and electrics, was invited to help us establish just what of this equipment, has been restored and what needs to be restored.  Pat has agreed as part of his cataloguing, to work closely with Noel on sorting this Radio gear.  Welcome aboard, Noel!

Don Taylor and Bob Stevens have been steadily grinding away at the clean-up and reconfiguring of our major computer Parts Data inventory.

A pleasant environment hopefully now awaits us after the new hangar doors have been installed on the Restoration Hangar, with great expectation that the hazards of bird droppings has been eliminated.

 “Safe Working” and thanks to all for your continued effort.