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A52-600 Restoration


By Ron Gillis

Text Box: Welcome all to the start of the new restoration year.
Work has recommenced on the Mossie fuselage by the Wednesday team with another area between bulkhead 5 and bulkhead 4, of new balsa infill glued on, in preparation for some more upper outer ply skin to be glued on. Just prior to Xmas the museum received the following Mosquito parts (ex High Ball test aircraft) from NSW. A pilot's seat and fuselage tail section with tail wheel components. A new Mossie volunteer, Simon, has started restoration on the pilot's seat with initial bead blasting to remove surface rust and corrosion. The tail section will be assessed for restoration, catalogued and stored for future use of parts. Work has continued on finding, cataloguing and assessing restoration of the main undercarriage assembly bolts. We have started cataloguing the contents of 2 of approx. 22 bays of the Mosquito storage racking in the restoration hangar. The hangar printer has been returned to service, thanks to Bob Stevens, who we believe, slaved over it, along with the Xmas turkey! Well done! Further consolidation of the MAAA occupation of our newly renovated accommodation in P187 is on going.
Thanks to all for your continued effort,