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A52-600 Restoration


By Ron Gillis

Text Box: Work has continued de-skinning the outer layers of timber ply, spruce and balsa to remove the old failed glue on the Mossie fuselage upper surface by the Wednesday team.  New outer ply has been successfully re-installed to the fuselage on the lower outer sections of the starboard side forward of the new tail segment and around the rear access hatch towards bulkhead #4.  Temporary Internal stiffening has been installed so that the fuselage strength can cope with the strapping.  See pic below. 

Similarly, repairs are continuing reconstructing the missing 1/3 lower end of the trailing antenna, which had been cut off to allow access to a hard point to support the fuselage.  For details refer previous reports.  See pic below.

Restoration of the pilot’s seat is continuing.  Kyle,  Terry, Ron Gretton, John McCrystal, Bob Tomlin and museum staff are progressing the work.  The seat components have been repaired, painted and re-assembled by riveting and bolting.  Some missing components and safety webbing is required to complete the seat.  See pic below.

Drawings and parts for the Navigators seat are being sourced.  It is yet to be confirmed that this seat is missing.
The missing bolts from the main undercarriage have been manufactured from an order by David Jones the Technical Curator.  These have been installed by Peter and Eddie where required in the undercarriages.  They are cataloguing the restoration of both main undercarriage assembly’s components.  The chaps also found the tail wheel hub and the axle to fit the tyre to the tail wheel assembly. Looks good, well done lads!  See pic below.

Cataloguing of all the fuel tanks in the bomb bay area  and wings have been completed by Pat, David and Ron Gretton.  Pat and David have been searching for associated components for cataloguing and restoration.  It has been confirmed that the Bomb-bay rear Long Range Fuel tank is missing.  See pic below.

Work continues on the ‘in-house’ restoration of the tail wheel mud guard and it’s support structure by Ron Gretton.  See pic below.

Great progress has been achieved with the restoration of the tail elevators and trim tabs by Ron Gretton, John McCrystal and Bob Tomlin and other Volunteers.  See pics below.

Restored Elevator Trim Tab.  See pic below.

Work has started on the restoration of the wing Ailerons by Ron Gretton, John McCrystal and other volunteers.  The aileron trim tabs appear to be missing, so a decision will have to be made as to try and find a pair or build new ones from scratch.  See pics below of before and after photos.

The man and his handy work - good job, John McCrystal:

The team has been asked to help the Wednesday wood worker volunteers to provide cross section profiles to help with the repair of the port side of the fuselage between bulkheads #3 and #4.  See pic below showing where a 600 long x 400 deep piece of fuselage has broken away.
The latest challenge for the MAAA team is to investigate what components we have of the wing flaps and control mechanisms and discuss restoration options.

Ongoing cataloguing of the contents of the Mosquito storage racking by David and the MAAA team and clean up / reconfiguring by Bob of our major computer parts data inventory.
“Safe Working”, and thanks for your continued effort.